We appreciate your willingness to contribute your knowledge and expertise at SPACE.  Below are some guidelines, information, and FAQs to assist in preparing for the conference presentations.


  • Each presentation room has a computer and projector.  If you are using a Mac, it is best to bring your own connector cable.

  • Breaks between presentations are only 15 minutes.  Please be respectful of the next speaker's time by staying on schedule and cleaning up promptly after your presentation so they can setup.  We will provide conference space for continued discussions and questions after presentations to allow everyone to clear the room for the next attendees.

  • Glitter may not be used in any of the presentations.

  • All materials and supplies for the presentation are supplied by the speaker.  

  • Due to time constraints, speakers will introduce themselves and dive right into their presentations.

  • Consider asking someone in the room to keep time for you, or set a timer on your phone.  This will help ensure that the conference stays on schedule.  

  • Speakers receive a discounted registration rate for the conference if registered by the date provided.  This rate is only available to the primary speaker, and up to 1 secondary speaker per presentation.  Speakers are responsible for all other costs of attending the conference (travel, lodging, etc.).